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Start Motor Cruising

Start motor cruisingThis is an entry level course and can be run in conjunction with higher level courses for mixed ability groups.

This course is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a motor boat, and for giving them an understanding of how they can assist the helm.

To book this course please contact Phil on +44 7971 546378

Requirements & Outcomes

Pre-course experience None
Assumed knowledge None
Minimum duration 1 day as a stand-alone course, 2 days if accompanying another course
Minimum age 8
Course content Personal safety, seamanship, dealing with emergency situations, coming alongside, picking up a mooring, boat handling
Ability after the course Able to be a useful crew member and assist the helm
Further Information

Areas covered during this short course are:

Personal Safety - Gaining an understanding of:

  • The difference between manual and auto inflating life jackets
  • The importance of crotch straps
  • Cold shock


  • The importance of securely storing items before going to sea
  • Keeping a look out

Emergency Situations - Comprehension of the problems that can happen at sea. Understanding roles in an emergency:

  • How to raise the alarm
  • How to prevent a man overboard
  • The safety procedures on the vessel
  • Learn how to deploy the anchor correctly
  • Learn how to locate life saving appliances and first aid kit
  • Learn how to read a position from the local navigation Satellite System
  • Learn correct use of a boat hook

Coming alongside / Picking up a mooring - A knowledge of what the manoeuvre entails and safety process

  • Learn correct method for attaching fenders
  • Coil a line
  • Throw a mooring line
  • Attach a line to a cleat

Boat handling - Understanding the importance of crew communication

  • Start and stop the engines
  • Steer and control the boat speed
  • Pick up a mooring

If you require further information about this course, contact Phil on +44 7971 546378